Fabulous Fours - Pre-Kindergarten

Special events - Fire trucks visit 05-collins 171.jpgIn the Fabulous Fours (Pre-Kindergarten), children fine-tune the skills they will need to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally in our elementary program. Focus is placed on critical thinking, reading, writing and math readiness skills, and the use of technology is expanded.

Children master reading and writing readiness skills through a multi-sensory approach, which includes songs, games, and group activities. Individualized instruction is provided to help children develop proper pencil grip and letter/number formation. Sorting, matching, classifying, and patterning with a variety of manipulatives helps develop strong critical thinking, spatial reasoning, and numeracy skills. In additional to stimulating children’s imagination and creativity, art activities are designed to continue to strengthen children fine motor development.

Elementary Admissions: TK/Kindergarten Priority

Children in the Fabulous Fours qualify for the early application process into our elementary division and receive preference over outside applicants to the TK/Kindergarten programs.

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