Our Program


Program Overview

Woodland Hills Private School offers a warm, caring place for your child to grow, learn and discover. We offer a program that is designed to nurture and encourage emotional and social growth while building academic and cognitive awareness and strength. Our emphasis is on an individualized approach, relating to each child on his or her own level. A challenging yet personalized curriculum, the classes are small and the activities individualized for each child. The program provides for an interactive process to learning and is concerned with the development of the whole child. Through developmentally appropriate activities at each age and grade level, the curriculum provides for the development of self confidence and self assurance, cooperative learning skills, community awareness and involvement, leadership skills and an enriched academic program with the application of these cognitive skills to real life situations. It also provides for the celebration of the cultural diversity of our families and our community. Providing children with a strong foundation for learning, helping them to become lifelong learners, the opportunity to develop self reliance, gain pride in their diverse abilities, talents, and unique traits, and to maximize their creative potential while also learning to respect and appreciate others and the world around them, is the goal of Woodland Hills Private School.

Preschool Curriculum (18 months to 5 years old)

The concept of the “Renaissance Child” is what we provide for your child through activities that stimulate curiosity, lead to discovery, build self-confidence and encourage mastery. Four learning modes are employed throughout each preschooler’s day – personal interaction (one on one time) with an adult, experiential learning (learning centers), group participation (small formal and informal groups) and project-based learning (children-initiated projects). The four main age categories for our preschoolers include our Toddlers (18-30 months old), Terrific Twos (young pre-school), Thriving Threes (preschool) and the Fabulous Fours (pre-kindergarten). The curriculum includes:

  • Self-image and self-awareness
  • Large and small muscle development
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Creative expression
  • Language Development
  • Reading and math readiness
  • Multi-Cultural Awareness
  • Science and social studies
  • Animal and nature exploration
  • Introduction to technology

Elementary Curriculum (Transitional Kindergarten through 5th grade)

The college preparatory curriculum is designed to build academic and cognitive strength and achievement, while nurturing emotional and social growth. The individualized program, with an emphasis on the critical and analytical skills they will need to succeed throughout their school careers and life, allows each student to realize his or her full potential and develop into a strong independent and creative thinker. The full spectrum curriculum includes:

Core Curriculum
  • Columbia University's Balanced Literacy
    • Writer's Workshop
    • Reader's Workshop
    • Words Their Way
    • Phonics
  • Singapore Math
  • Science
    • UC Berkeley's FOSS Units of Study
    • STEAM Engineering Challenges
  • Social Studies
    • Project-Based Learning (all grades)
    • Inquiry-Based Program (Upper Elementary)
  • Responsive Classroom Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum
Enrichment Classes
(taught by specialists)
  • Animal & Nature Studies
  • Fine Arts
  • Music
    • Choral (Lower Elementary)
    • Instrumental (Upper Elementary)
  • Physical Education
  • Foreign Language
  • Technology
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