A Message from the Founding Director

Woodland Hills Private School (WHPS) was founded to educate children whose parents believed that one size does not fit all and who desired a school program that is committed to excellence. Over the years, with overwhelming support from our families, our school has grown to include two campuses serving toddlers through 5th graders. I was one of those original parents and am now a grandparent to children in the program. As you join our school community, I welcome you into a strong partnership between home and school.

WHPS is a nurturing and caring place with a friendly and natural environment. A hands-on inquiry-based approach helps our children to master their critical, analytical and problem-solving skills, enabling them to apply today’s lessons and skills in this ever-changing world. We recognize and value each child's individual unique traits in an effort to help children reach their greatest potential. To achieve this goal, our program utilizes a creative, stimulating, challenging and individualized approach. We work with the whole child, fostering independence with caring guidance, helping children become lifelong learners who strive for excellence. 

WHPS ascribes to the "it takes a village to raise a child" philosophy. Every child has the opportunity to know and interact with a variety of teachers and staff, benefiting from each other’s strengths. Parents, teachers, administrators and all staff members work together to ensure that each child achieves success. We also believe that together, we are a family and a community. Children learn to give back to our community through a variety of community service activities, which is an important tenet of our school philosophy.

Our commitment to education goes beyond the pursuit of academic excellence. The development of well-rounded citizens who appreciate diversity and nature and the world around them is also our goal. We look forward to welcoming your family into our school and partnering with you to bring out your child's greatest potential.

- Lynn Kuo

A Message from the Head of School

I am proud to be part of the Woodland Hills Private School team! Our school is committed to helping all students succeed academically, while fostering social-emotional skills, or character strengths, that are proven to cultivate successful, happy human beings. I believe helping children develop curiosity, optimism, empathy, self-control, and motivation is just as important as the rigorous academic components of our program: Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Instrumental and Choral Music, Animal and Nature Studies, Engineering and 3D Design/Printing, Physical Education, Reading, Writing and Math.

My educational philosophy is that students, parents and teachers must find a genuine sense of belonging, significance and fun in their day. When you visit our school, this can be felt in everything we do. For our students, this comes from being genuinely known, supported and appreciated by our staff, both as a learner and as a person. For parents, we provide unique opportunities to infuse your hopes and dreams into your child’s learning goals for the year. The fun part comes from watching your child’s growth and your hopes and dreams actualized and from your meaningful participation in the school community. And, you will also see a tremendous sense of belonging, significance and fun in our staff who are passionate and dedicated professionals.

-Seth Pozzi

A Message from the Elementary Division Principal

Welcome to Woodland Hills Private School’s Elementary Division.

As you join our school family, you will be welcomed into a strong partnership of home, school and community which provides our students with a nurturing of academic skills as well as social, emotional, and physical growth and well-being.

Our program is designed to foster independence, responsibility, self-reliance, creativity, critical thinking, and analytical skills while developing a strong academic foundation. We encourage and motivate each child to work to their fullest potential and to take pride in their many accomplishments.

Our credentialed teachers are all well-qualified, experienced and caring individuals who work closely with every student, individualizing the program to maximize each child’s unique learning strengths. The personal and frequent communication that exists between the staff, parents, administration and the community at large, further strengthens the partnership we build for the mutual benefit of our students.

We invite you to become a part of our school community and look forward to sharing the wonderful experiences of the elementary years with you.

- Melanie Henson

A Message from the Preschool Division Directors

At Woodland Hills Private School’s Preschool Division we offer a warm, caring place for your child to grow, learn and discover.

Our concern is for the total child. Our program is designed to provide children with the opportunity to develop self-reliance, gain pride in abilities and unique traits, maximize their creative potential, and to learn to appreciate the world around them.

Our teachers are experienced and certified in Early Childhood Education. They have been specially selected and trained for our program. They work with both the children and the parents to assure a positive school experience. As great facilitators, they maximize your child’s learning and their dedication, caring ways and professional concern will nurture your child through these formative years.

Our preschool is open to all children between 18 months and 5 years of age, who will benefit from a program that is committed to the well-being of all children. Our program is individualized, which allows each child to progress at his/her own pace. It also provides for the celebration of the cultural diversity of our families and our community. Welcome to our school!

Christine Chiché

Oxnard Campus Director

Roxana Robledo

Oxnard Assistant Director

   Robin Gee

   Collins Campus Director

   Joette Verstat

   Collins Assistant Director

Ailin Sacks

Administrative  Director


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