Elementary School

Welcome to the elementary division of Woodland Hills Private School, which includes Transitional Kindergarten - 5th grade.  As you join our school family, you will be welcomed into a strong partnership of home, school, and community, which provides our students with a strong foundation of academic skills as well as nurturing social, emotional, and physical growth and well being.  Our philosophy is to provide an individualized approach to learning, relating to each child on his/her own level while fostering independence and self reliance.  Our goal is to provide an educational environment in which students are stimulated to become thinking, caring, responsible members of society. 


Our Educational Program

The educational program incorporates all aspects of human development ~ social, intellectual, physical, artistic and moral ~ and strives to integrate learning by guiding students to be curious about all that the world has to offer.  Our college preparatory curriculum encourages responsibility and creativity, along with critical thinking and analytical skills, skills that will enable our students to apply what they are learning today to the world they will encounter throughout their school career and later in life.  Within our strong academic program, children work at their won pace which encourages and motivates each child to work to their full potential and to be proud of their many accomplishments.  Our caring, nurturing environment and nature based setting, also helps our students develop an appreciation of the world around them.

Our Staff

Our well qualified and caring staff works closely with each child, personalizing the program in order to build upon each child’s unique learning strengths.  The personal and frequent communication that exists between the staff, parents, administration and the community at large, further strengthens the partnership we build for the mutual benefit of our children.

Our Facility

Our new state of the art facility includes classrooms, infused with natural light, a technology lab, 3D printing space,  an art studio, a library and reading room, as well as administration offices.  A basketball court, handball court, playgrounds, playing fields, the Science & Nature Center, along with trees and green areas, complete the setting for our elementary students.


In addition to meeting and exceeding the requirements stated in the California State Frameworks and the National Education Standards, Woodland Hills Private School is proud of its accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) for it high quality educational program and for the achievement of the R.O.S.E. Award (Recognizing Outstanding Schools in Education).

Through this program of inquiry based, individualized and experiential activities, the students of Woodland Hills Private School learn to be independent thinkers, caring people, and responsible citizens.

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