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Halloween Parades & Parties
Join us for the annual Halloween Costume Parade and class parties!
Oxnard Campus
Monday, October 30th
@ 10am
2 & 3 year olds
Tuesday, October 31st
@ 11:00am
Pre-K & Elementary
Collins Campus
Tuesday, October 31st
@ 9:30am
Donations & Birthday Books
Your donations are appreciated. Thank you for thinking of WHPS and helping to make a difference!

Brockman Family - Dolls, dress up costumes, and book
Himot Family - Books
Werbe Family - Coffee cans and egg cartons
If you have any of these items lying around the house, we are collecting them in the bins by the sign in/out sheets
Keys    Tiles    Bolts and washers    Reflective Items
October Events - 2017
Both Campuses  |  Collins  | Oxnard
9 & 10 Speech & Language Screening
10 PAG Event - Kiddle Karoo Halloween
16-18 PAWS Pumpkin Patch
17 PAWS Restaurant Night at Fresh Brothers
18 Parent Speaker Series #2:
Tackling Challenging Behaviors
@ 6:30-8pm - Oxnard Campus
19 Great CA Shakeout @ 10:19am
19 PAWS Event - Bubble Mania
19-20 Speech & Language Screening
20 PAG Event - Kids Night Out
23-24 Elementary Student-Led Conferences (NO CLASS - Childcare Available)
30 Halloween Parade & Parties (Rooms 1-7, 11) @ 10am
31 Halloween Parade & Parties @ 9:30am
31 Halloween Parade & Parties (Rooms 8-10, 14-19) @ 11am
31 Trick or Treat for UNICEF - Elementary
Information Day
Elementary Information Sessions

TK-5th Grade

Saturday, November 4, 2017  |  10 AM - Noon
Wednesday, November 15, 2017  |  10 AM - Noon
Parent Speaker Series #2
Tackling Challenging Behaviors with Todd Hioki
Back by popular demand!
Wednesday, October 18, 2017 (6:30 – 8:00 PM) at the Oxnard Campus

Todd presents internationally on early education and child development topics and currently instructs at Pacific Oaks College and Children’s School, as well as UCLA, Mission College and SMC.

At this workshop, Todd will discuss how to tackle challenging behaviors with children. The discussion will focus on:

  • “Misbehavior" is a skill gap.
  • Using a systems thinking mindset to deconstruct problem behaviors.
  • The power of language in shaping power conflicts.
  • The role of physical choreography in conflict resolution.
  • It’s not what you know, but how your practice.
Space is limited, so please RSVP no later than Friday, October 13th.

Special Edition | Seth Pozzi - Assistant Head of School

What Do We Really Mean by Individualized Program?

Woodland Hills Private School is an individualized program. But what does that really mean? There are two main ways in which our school’s unique program and curriculum are individualized:

  • Students are taught at their highest academic level (academic rigor)
  • Students are taught at their highest level of interest (student-centered, teacher-facilitated)

The unique, intentionally selected programs and team-teaching approach in our school work together to meet children where they are as learners and make the most of the 1:1 and small group instruction children receive. While the program is individualized in all areas, I would like to focus for a moment on literacy, which is the backbone of any school’s curriculum. Our school utilizes two of the most cutting-edge approaches to teaching and learning, based on best practices and research from Columbia University and UCLA Lab School.

Balanced Literacy (Elementary)
Academic Rigor: In a balanced literacy classroom, every moment of instructional time is carefully and intentionally planned. The teachers regularly assess each child as a reader, writer and speller, and the assessment tools act as a guide to providing precise, personalized, high-level instruction, enabling students to reach their full potential. Student goals are personalized to capitalize on strengths and strengthen areas of need.

Student-Centered, Teacher-Facilitated: Students have lots of autonomy within the structure of a balanced literacy classroom. Within each genre of reading and writing, students choose real children’s literature to (at their level) to read and topics that are personally meaningful to write about. Publishing events at the end of each unit of study give children the opportunity to present their writing to their family members and classmates, giving them an additional sense of meaning and purpose for their work. The work is not being done just for a grade or for the teacher’s approval, but rather there is an authentic audience for each student’s work.

Literacy Without Tears (Preschool)
Academic Rigor: You might be aware that there are developmental stages children go through before they are ready to grasp a pencil properly, but did you also know there are developmental stages of pre-writing development? Pre-writing development can be thought of as stages of drawing development. Our preschool teachers use knowledge of these drawing developmental stages and observations of children’s drawings, to make individual instructional decisions for each child, preparing each child at his/her developmentally appropriate time, to work on properly grasping a pencil and writing.

Student-Centered, Teacher-Facilitated: The early literacy work our preschoolers do is embedded in an inquiry-based emergent curriculum, meaning the thematic studies in each classroom stem from the children’s greatest interests. Instead of a prescribed, worksheet-driven approach in which children trace and color letters such as “D” for dad, dog, dig, etc., children can explore topics of great importance and significance to their own lives. Thus, they are highly motivated to learn and show greater engagement in pursuing knowledge about the topic of personal interest. Because they build on children’s highest level of interest, conversations in our school about letter “D” (or any other letter) tend to center on more sophisticated and complex topics and vocabulary, such as digestion, dissolving, diagonal, etc.  

The Results Speak for Themselves
These two elements of our individualized program - academic rigor and student-centered, teacher-facilitated learning - go hand in hand, and we find that the student-centered approach is the key to raising the bar on student learning outcomes at every age level. The results speak for themselves. We recently published the test scores of our 2017 graduates, with over 50% of students scoring in the top 11% nationally in literacy and critical thinking. This high level of academic preparedness certainly contributes to our graduates’ 95% acceptance rate into their first-choice among area middle schools.

Preschool News
Collins Campus
Robin & Ms. Ailin
Oxnard Campus
Ms. Tracy & Ms. Christine
Our preschoolers have adjusted quite well to new classrooms, friends, and teachers, and they are absolutely thriving in their new routines. We want to thank you, our amazing parents, for doing a terrific job of reassuring your children and helping them to feel secure and comfortable here at school.  We are enjoying the sights and sounds of children busily going about their day making new friends, developing new skills, and excitedly sharing new discoveries.  Many of our classes have spent the last month examining what it is that makes us special and exploring the importance of family and friends.

As the weather finally begins to cool, our preschool classrooms are alive with the excitement of fall! There is never a shortage of new things to learn about in preschool, and the children’s interests are sure to bring a variety of interesting topics to investigate this month. Of course it wouldn’t be preschool in October if we weren’t enjoying the thrills of Halloween. Be sure not to miss our annual Halloween parades! There’s nothing cuter than seeing all of our little ones dressed in their favorite costumes!

Thank you to all the parents who attended Back to School Night and purchased books for our classroom libraries. It was a great success, and we enjoy the sense of community that your continued involvement brings to our school. We appreciate all of your help and support each day and are truly grateful for the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with you and your family. We look forward to a fun and festive October!
Elementary News | Jacey Dexter - Elementary Principal
The 2017-2018 school year is off to a great start! The month of September was ,filled with projects, hands-on activities, and a lot of collaborative learning. Our students were involved, motivated, challenged, and eager to continue their academic adventures.
Our Bears Soccer season has begun and the team has been working hard preparing for their games. Games will be held on Wednesdays through November 15th at the Valley Soccer Center. Stop by the office to pick up a schedule or visit our Athletics page on the WHPS website. GO BEARS!

October brings a lot of excitement!  Our TK, K, and 1st grade classes will be taking their first field trips to Underwood Family Farms to learn about pumpkins, farming, and the harvest. Our 2nd- 4th graders will be visiting the California Science Center to extend on their science units about motion and force and how these are related to building roller coasters! Our 5th grade students will begin to prototype and design Morse code devices that they will then 3D print and test.
We are excited to hold our first student led conferences (SLCs) of the school year in the month of October (10/23 & 10/24). For SLCs, there will be no classes, but childcare is available. SLCs are a wonderful opportunity for our students to discuss their goals for the school year as well as their growth from the beginning of the year. This year, we have added dedicated time at the end of the SLC for parents to speak privately with teachers. The SLC sign-up email will be sent to parents the first week of October, and it will have a space to indicate if you need childcare.
Finally, we will close out October with the WHPS tradition of our Halloween parade around the Oak Tree on Tuesday, October 31st (@11:00am). The students love showing off their Halloween best before a night of trick-or-treating! As part of our community service awareness activities, students will take part in Trick or Treat for UNICEF.  Please look for your orange boxes coming home soon. 
We look forward to sharing this exciting month with you all!
"Our Barnyard" News | The WHPS Science and Nature Center
Hello to all the friends of "Our Barnyard"!

We have begun our expanded Animal & Nature Studies curriculum in the Elementary Division, which incorporates the Next Generation Science Standards. Each grade is delving into a specific area of focus:

K - Animal Care
1 - Ecology
2 - Evolution
3 - Animal Care (LV. 2)
4 - Ecology (LV. 2)
5 - Evolution (LV. 2)
We have learned about Natural Selection from Charles Darwin and how that will impact each student's "animal" as it evolves throughout the year. We have also discussed how to decide if we can have a particular animal as a pet and the interactions between predators and prey.

Preschool was introduced to two new friends who joined Our Barnyard. Daisy and Penelope are our new rabbits. They are only three months old, and they are adorable! They were raised by a human mom so they love attention from us and love gentle pets from the children. Daisy and Penelope both are happy to have received such a warm welcome from the children at WHPS.

We're on Instagram
We also have some exciting news. Barnyard is taking over Instagram! Make sure you come over to @whpschool and see what we are up to. You might get a chance to see our three new additions to Our Barnyard: Professor Tyson Oak (our turkey), Daisy, and Penelope!
Help us decorate Our Barnyard!
We will be decorating Our Barnyard for the fall season, and celebrating all the fun changes we'll be experiencing in our environment.  If you have any fresh pumpkins for the animals to enjoy (without any paint or carvings), or extra fall decorations, we welcome any items you have!
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