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Registration Deadlines

Summer  •  Fall

With the upheaval of the coronavirus pandemic, you may have missed a registration deadline. Please check the list below and return any outstanding paperwork by email or mail. Schedule requests will be granted in the order received.

Apr. 20
Camp Woodland Hills (Elementary)
• Brochure & Registration Form
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Mar. 2 Preschool Summer 2020
• Registration Form
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Mar. 2 Elementary Fall 2020
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Was due Jan. 17 Preschool Fall 2020
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Camp Woodland Hills

We look forward to seeing everyone this summer at Camp Woodland Hills!

More Information:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PAWS & PAG - Parent Associations
On behalf of PAWS and PAG, we wish all our WHPS families good health. The Spring Galas will not be taking place at this time. As events unfold, we will determine the best time to hold our fundraising auction, perhaps at the end of the school year or in the fall. We thank everyone for all their support this year and we look forward to connecting with our WHPS community again soon. 
Special Edition | Seth Pozzi -  Head of School

We Learn the Most

During trying times...

A lot of the change and upheaval we are experiencing right now is temporary, but at times it's difficult to keep that in perspective. Even though on-campus learning is suspended temporarily, and of course I wish the circumstances were different, this is an exciting opportunity to live our mission in new ways through Distance Learning. As we face the reality that this temporary closure could continue for additional weeks, I am pleased with the program our faculty and staff have put together. At a time when many schools are sending home paper packets and worksheets, we have assembled a much more comprehensive program, and of course, we also still have work to do. 

Distance Learning
Distance Learning has been ramping up. You can read more below about your division, and I want to remind parents that we are striving to provide access to the various aspects of our program. We understand that every family's current needs, schedules, and responsibilities are a bit different. Therefore, we are doing our best to stagger synchronous learning (such as Zoom) along with asynchronous learning such as Seesaw (Elementary) and activities and circle time videos (Preschool). We have launched the students into these new platforms gradually, and you will continue to see the learning ramp up as everyone gains familiarity.

Elementary Classes on Zoom
The absolute highlight of my week has been participating in Zoom classes, everything from Morning Meeting to Spanish, Music, PE, Art, Technology, Barnyard, and even Book Clubs. This week has also required some extra patience and troubleshooting on everyone's part as we all get acclimated to this new way of learning. Who knew it would take more work for teachers to prepare an online lesson than in-person content? Your patience, support and feedback are greatly appreciated. 

Community Support
We have also been humbled by the outpouring of parent support during this process. At a time when many people are experiencing uncertainty or disruptions at work, many of our families stepped up to support our efforts to continue to fund the salaries of the teachers we love and appreciate. Almost everyone has expressed a strong desire to support this initiative, from those families who generously contributed full April tuition to those who let us know a sustaining amount they could provide this month, and everything in between. Even if you are experiencing a more serious hardship and cannot contribute at this time, we are committed to continuing to fund the staff salaries and to ensuring that no WHPS child loses access to Distance Learning or their current spot in the program. 

Elementary News | Jacey Dexter - Elementary Principal


WHPS BEAR: Distance Learning Edition

All of us, parents, students, teachers, neighbors, colleagues, etc. have been thrust into a new lifestyle that I couldn’t have imagined a month ago. As I follow the news, I have been hearing about school districts across the country that are scrambling to put together effective teaching methods, often through paper packets, with no face-to-face instruction. I’m forever grateful for our teaching staff and their commitment to the uninterrupted education for our students. When faced with the challenges of distance learning, our teachers' thoughts immediately went to engaging and continuing their classrooms and thinking creatively on how to do so.  

Remember, we are in this together. Parents have a unique opportunity to shape your child’s memory of this unique time. As much as possible, let the memory be one of togetherness, growth, and strength, not frustration and stress.

I am confident that with perseverance and a dash of patience, we will rise to the challenge and meet the needs of our diverse student population. 

As a parent, you may be wondering (or frantically trying to find) the ways to best support your child with no teaching experience, a full time job that requires your attention throughout the day, and a child (or children) who are adjusting to this new normal, too. Trust me, even with an extensive education background, I continue to find this challenging. 

In these unprecedented times, let's remember to be a Woodland Hills Private School  BEAR:

Build a strong foundation for learning 

Part of building a strong foundation for learning includes fostering a love of learning. Pressuring yourself and your student to complete the same amount of work they do in a normal school day can hamper their love of learning and limit the time you have for your own work related tasks. This will end in frustration of all involved. Play games with one another, involve your child in preparing meals. If you can't do it all, try to prioritize math, reading, and writing.

Everyone is part of a community of thinkers and learners 

Engage with your community (safely, of course!). Donate to local charities, support local restaurants, take a day to clean out closets and set aside toys to donate to those in need. Talk to your child about being part of a community, and how it is important to look out for each other and be kind during the most challenging times. 

Appreciate yourself and the world around you 

Take walks with your family. Many communities are hosting “chalk your walk” events and leaving messages of support for their neighbors or teddy bear scavenger hunts. Take a virtual trip to a national park through Google Art & Culture, or visit an art museum. Virtual field trips offer unique perspectives we may not otherwise see. 

Responsible and independent citizens

As Mr. Pozzi says, let your child drive! Now is the time to let our kids troubleshoot and problem solve. Let them explore the technology tools, let them fail, and learn to persevere.  Trust that they can learn the new process. Guide them and sit with them when you can, but also take this opportunity to help your child build up their independence. 

Preschool News
Collins Campus
Robin & Ms. Ailin
Oxnard Campus
Ms. Tracy & Ms. Christine

Preschool Remote Learning

During the month of April, we are ramping up our remote learning efforts even further. Here are some of the aspects of remote learning that will help your child and your family stay engaged during this temporary closure.

Zoom Meetings
As we work together as a community through the school closure, we have included Zoom Meetings into our preschool remote learning program. Teachers and peers can see each other and practice distance socialization. Zoom can be downloaded to a cell phone, tablet, or iPad as an app, or you can use it on a desktop or laptop. If you have not joined a Zoom Meeting yet, make sure to do so. One great thing about Zoom Meetings is that you can stay as long as you are available.

Circle Time Videos
Teachers will be leveraging circle time videos to facilitate Inquiry Learning, calendar & weather, story books, felt stories, songs, puppets, music & movement, and art & craft projects using household materials. Circle time videos are interactive to spark your child’s curiosity and get their mind thinking!

Inquiry Learning (even from home)
Teachers will present a topic at the beginning of the week to spark the children’s interests. They will take children through the inquiry process (a hallmark of the WHPS program) using KWLs throughout the week:

Asking children:

  • What they already Know
  • What they Wonder about
  • Exploring and researching the topic throughout the week
  • And showing off what was Learned 

The point of this approach is to nurture children's curiosity and teach them to be active researchers. We are excited to continue the inquiry process, even from home. 

Activities With Household Materials
Teachers will continue to share activities and projects you can do with your children at home, using household items. Using household items can also show the children how to be resourceful, creative, inventive, and encourage them to think outside the box.

Take Learning Outdoors
Parents, we offer you the same advice we often give our teachers: Whatever you do indoors, you can outdoors! Use the outdoor spaces as well when learning is taking place. It offers a different experience for young children. 

We love seeing your children interacting at home with circle time, projects, and fun activities. Please continue to post and share these great pictures and videos! We hope to see all of you very soon.

"Our Barnyard" News | WHPS Science & Nature Center

Hello Barnyard Friends:

First and foremost, we want all of our barnyard friends to know that Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Tanja are both still working hard to take care of the animals during this difficult time. Even with the school closure, we are in the Science & Nature Center daily to care for all the animals' needs. Don't worry, we are stringently practicing our social distancing while doing everything we can for our animals. As soon as the school can reopen, everyone in "Our Barnyard" will be as excited to see you as you will be for them. 

The next important thing is to keep up our learning with our students. We won't let something like social distancing keep us from teaching.

Our elementary students will still have their weekly lessons with Mr. Matthew on Zoom. We are getting used to this new way of learning this week, and we will pick up right where we left off.

For our preschool friends, Mrs. Tanja will be sharing a special animal activity for you every week, along with a video from Mr. Matthew.  Keep an eye out for them!

While everyone misses visiting the Barnyard and seeing all our animal friends, it’s important to stay happy and healthy. Keep up those amazing social distancing habits, wash your hands often, and we will see you as soon as we can back at “Our Barnyard”!

-Mr. Matthew & Mrs. Tanja

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April  Events - 2020
Check out our Google Calendar for all upcoming events!
April Collins Oxnard
6-10   Elementary Spring Break
(specialist classes continue on Zoom)
16   PAWS Meeting on Zoom @ 6:30pm
Zoom Link Password: PAWS
18   PAWS Gala - Postponed
20 CWH Summer Enrollment Due
We are planning to be open for Summer Camp.
Enroll now to ensure you have a spot.
If delayed, refunds will be issued.
25 PAG Gala - Postponed  
30 Open House - Postponed
(more info. coming in May)
  Spring Events to Proceed - Stay Tuned for Information
(some may be remote if necessary)
Open House - Both Campuses
ERB Testing in 3rd-5th Grade
Elementary Talent Show
5th Grade Graduation

Pre-K Promotions
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