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Elementary Admissions

It is officially admissions season for fall 2020! 
Join us to learn about our Elementary Program and apply now.

Saturday, January 11  |  10 AM - Noon
• Learn about the program
• Meet the teaching staff
• Tour classrooms
• FREE childcare

Tuesday, January 7    |  10 - 11 AM
Tuesday, January 14  |  10 - 11 AM
Tuesday, January 21  |  10 - 11 AM
Tuesday, January 28  |  10 - 11 AM

Fall 2020 Preschool Registration

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It's time to register for preschool for fall 2020!  To reserve your child's space, be sure we receive your Registration Form by January 17.  After January 17th, spaces will be opened to outside applicants.

2020-2021 Registration Information

▶  Registration Form for Current Students (MS Word | PDF)

▶  2020-2021 Tuition Schedules

Parent Workshop

Our program is designed for learners who are intellectually curious, academically advanced or gifted. Join us to learn more about the unique characteristics of children with this learning profile.


Wednesday, January 29  |  6 - 7:30 PM

What does it mean to have a gifted and/or intellectually curious child?

  • Children with a gifted learning profile are often more intense.
  • These children experience asynchronous intellectual and social development.
  • Learn about the characteristics of giftedness at different ages.
  • Learn how these characteristics impact behavior.
  • Learn how to support these learners academically, socially, and emotionally.
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Annual Giving & Special Funds

Support the continued growth and excellence of WHPS by giving to one of the following funds: 

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  • Professional Development - Supporting teachers' continuing education
  • Financial Aid - Making a WHPS education possible for a family that would not otherwise be able to afford it

Speak with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about special causes and opportunities to make WHPS even better!

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Special Edition | Seth Pozzi -  Head of School

7 Benefits of Investing in the WHPS Elementary Education

What's in it for your family?

Let’s be honest, many of us bought (or rented) homes in this part of the city because we've heard the public schools are good. It’s true, this is a fairly affluent area, and most of the kids in local public schools seem to be doing fine academically. If that's the case, what's in it for you family when you invest in a WHPS education? Here are just a few benefits of coming on this adventure with us.


#1     Mindset
By age 8, children develop a mindset about school/learning that sticks with them for the rest of their lives. This program is less concerned with cramming in what's on "the test" and instead focuses on developing curious, engaged lifelong learners.

#2     STEAM
At a time when many public schools are cutting science, technology and arts, in favor of "covering" more reading and math, we continue to expand and invest in: science, technology, robotics, engineering, art, and math.


#3     High Achieving Kids
Students consistently test above average and superior compared to other private schools in: Math, Critical Thinking, Reading, Writing and Verbal Reasoning. 

#4     Advanced Academics
developmental curriculum that's not bound only to “grade level” work, but rather moves according the child's strengths, abilities, and learning profile. 


#5     SEL - Social Skills Curriculum
Daily social skills class (everything from active listening and respectful discourse to eye contact and handshakes; learning how to back up your opinions with facts and to navigate partner and group work successfully and amicably) - skills many adults still need to work on.


#6     Instructional Leadership
Principal focused on continuous growth and improvement for all.
In the classroom as "3rd teacher" 
Observing, assessing, working with students and modeling best practices for teachers.
Leader in the community
Advisor to public school system for gifted and special needs; assists other schools with accreditation.

#7     Happy & Kind Kids
This one doesn’t need a lot of explanation. Come visit elementary school anytime. We will walk you through the classroom so you can see inspired, engaged students (and teachers) who are genuinely good human beings.

As a former public school teacher, I’ve seen the different ends of the spectrum, and I believe WHPS offers the most balanced education you’ll find in schools across Los Angeles. For families not already in the elementary division, I hope you can make it to one of our January tours to learn more about what’s in it for your family if you choose to go on this adventure with us!

Preschool News
Collins Campus
Robin & Ms. Ailin
Oxnard Campus
Ms. Tracy & Ms. Christine

Embrace the Struggle

Have you heard the story of the little boy who helped a butterfly emerge from his chrysalis? As the story goes, the boy watched his beloved caterpillar as it grew and eventually created its chrysalis. He watched intently as the butterfly poked a hole in the chrysalis and began struggling to make his way out. Seeing the butterfly struggle was too much for the boy. He ran and got a small pair of scissors. Carefully he made the small hole bigger, making it easier for the  butterfly to emerge. Sadly, the butterfly’s wings were shriveled, its body swollen, and it spent its life crawling around unable to fly. You see, the struggle is necessary for the butterfly to develop, to be strong and to fly.  


Just like the boy and the butterfly, parents often metaphorically 'cut open the hole’ protecting their child from disappointment, frustration, or pain. In fact, today’s parents go to great lengths to ensure their child is shielded from discomfort. 

As with the butterfly, though, young children need to struggle and experience frustration, disappointment and even pain. It is in learning how to deal with these setbacks that your child will develop critical lifelong coping skills, perseverance, creativity, resilience and the ability to ‘bounce back’.

In short, “Parents see failure as a sense of pain for their child instead of an opportunity for him to say ‘I can deal with this. I’m strong.’ says Madeleine Levine, psychologist and author. As a parent, one of the greatest gifts you can give your little one is the belief that they are strong and powerful and they can handle this! Visit the short article, How to Empower Your Kids When They Struggle, where Nicole for some useful tips to help your child at any age.

Elementary News | Jacey Dexter - Elementary Principal



The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Many parents believe that their child is “gifted.” As parents, we always want to see the very best in our children and, of course, want to highlight their areas of strength. Students with high abilities bring many unique strengths and contributions to their school environment, but parents and teachers need to understand that their educational adventure will not be without struggle. 20-25% of our students are identified as a “gifted” learners, which isn’t surprising, given our curricular choices and school philosophy. Read more about the components of a quality gifted program

The Good

For gifted learners, many cognitive abilities (memorizing, recalling, or thinking abstractly about subject matter) will come very easily. Gifted learners will have particular areas of ability unparalleled by peers. These learners have so much to add to class conversations and can elevate the level of inquiry learning. 

The Bad & The Ugly...

3 Challenges Gifted Children Face

At WHPS, we know that putting students in a position where they will never face challenges is a disservice to their growth and social emotional development. We strive for our students, gifted and otherwise, to experience healthy struggles, build resiliency, and feel the success of working hard to reach their individual goals.

#1     Asynchronous Development
Most gifted learners experience asynchronous development, which means their intellectual, physical, and emotional development don't occur as in sync as with typically developing children (learn more about asynchronous development).

#2     Perseverance vs. Frustration
These learners can be more easily frustrated when an area doesn’t come easily.
For example, a student may be reading at a 6th grade level in 4th grade but writing at a 2nd grade level. They can read and comprehend at a highly sophisticated level, but they may be very frustrated with their ability to output information.

#3     Anxiety
Gifted learners can experience higher levels of anxiety than their typically developing peers. Often, they can cognitively understand difficult concepts such as death and social justice, but may not have the life experience to handle these concepts.
My favorite example is the child who can tell you every dinosaur from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods but then feels anxious that another asteroid will come and wipe out the humans. They will literally lose sleep due to worry!

Giftedness 101 Parent Workshop

Rest assured, we are in this together. Please join us on Wednesday, January 29th for our Giftedness 101 parent workshop.

At the workshop, we will learn about what giftedness truly means and hear from professionals who specialize in working with gifted learners and their families. After the workshop, there will be future opportunities to sign up for SENG Model parent groups or learn about Odyssey of the Mind
I look forward to continuing our adventure together in the new year!

"Our Barnyard" News | WHPS Science & Nature Center
Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to our barnyard friends!

So much happens at the end of the year, and Barnyard is no exception. This year, Mrs. Tanja made amazing holiday ornaments that we sold to all our Barnyard friends. All proceeds will go right back to the animals. Stay tuned on Instagram for to see what we were able to get with your support.

Elementary Updates
With all the holidays of this month, the elementary students enjoyed playing some barnyard games and having a little extra fun. When school resumes next week, it’s time to dive back into our studies. Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 3rd grade will be starting some of our most important lessons on human nutrition. Many of the lessons can apply immediately to our daily lives. 4th grade will continue learning about different animal groups/classifications. We will be moving from reptiles to their extremely close relatives, birds. Many ecologists actually classify reptiles and birds together because they are so closely related. 2nd grade and 5th grade will be studying mutations and adaptations. These are the cornerstone of evolution, and the children always find this topic very interesting.

Preschool Updates
The rain kept some our preschool groups indoors, and we are excited to come back out with the animals. We like to start back from break with some reminders and Interactive Modeling of rules and routines, as we spend get back to more some hands on time with the animals. Throughout the month, we will be focusing on animal handling. 

There is still rain in our future, so remember Our Barnyard tends to stay wet and muddy even after the rains have ended. If you come to visit, make sure to look out for your little ones so they don’t slip and get muddy!

-Mr. Matthew & Mrs. Tanja

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January Events - 2020
Check out our Google Calendar for all upcoming events!
Jan. Collins Oxnard
1 WHPS Closed - New Year's Day
6   Elementary Classes Resume
6 Winter Extracurricular Classes Begin
7 Elementary Small Group Tours @ 10am
8 Snow Day Sponsored by PAG PAWS Meeting @ 6:30pm
10   Kids Night Out
Sponsored by PAWS 6-10pm
TK-5th Grade Info. Session @ 10am
14 Elementary Small Group Tours @ 10am
17 Fall 2020 Preschool Registrations Due
17   Snow Day  Sponsored by PAWS
20 WHPS Closed - MLK, Jr. Day
21 PAG Meeting @ 5:30pm  
21 Elementary Small Group Tours @ 10am
22 Farmer's Market - Hosted by Rm 6  
25 Kids Night Out
Sponsored by PAG 4-8pm
25 Chinese New Year
28 Fall 2020 TK & K Winter Application Deadline
Elementary Small Group Tours @ 10am
29 Giftedness 101 Parent Workshop 6-7:30pm
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