Why Is Preschool Important?

Many parents ask the question: "Why preschool is important?"  Here are just a few insights into the benefits of attending a preschool program:

  • Neuroscience research shows that development of the brain during a child's first 5 years is more rapid, intensive and sensitive to external influences or the environment. These formative years are when children build their foundation for learning and future success.
  • By attending preschool, you are able to take advantage of the best learning stage of the brain and to have well-trained and qualified facilitators (Early Education educators in most of cases), who can maximize the learning outcome.  The quality of a primary care person can have an important impact to a child's learning.
  • Preschool helps young children develop the cognitive, motor, and executive functioning skills which are the foundation of building good IQ and EQ.
  • The preschool environment allows children to explore both the indoors and outdoors, and most importantly which provides children the opportunity to interact with peers and promote social and emotional growth/development
  • Preschools can often help discover if a child has any needs and provide the opportunity for early intervention.  Early intervention helps to treat the needs of children in their formative years, which usually results in much better outcomes than if needs are discovered and treated later in life.
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