You have the option of either sending a lunch to school each day or purchasing lunch through your campus' online lunch program (see below):
School Lunch Program


Choicelunch offers nutritious and tasty lunches that include:

  • Chosen hot or cold entrée (Regular or Large)
  • Choice of seasonal fresh fruit & vegetables
  • Choice of a snack
  • Choice of cold drink

How to Register
To sign up, please go to and search for "Woodland Hills Private School." Select your campus (Collins St. or Oxnard St.)

Last-Minute Ordering
Please note that lunches should be ordered no later than 9 am the day before or an additional Last-Minute Ordering fee of $1.50 will be charged.

Packing Lunch

We encourage you to send a healthy, nutritious meal, appropriately sized for your child’s age. Please do not send candy to school in lunch boxes. We are unable to heat, microwave or refrigerate any lunch items sent from home.

Emergency Lunches

There is only a very limited number of emergency lunches available each day. Please remember to order your child’s lunch in advance to ensure that his/her lunchtime will be hassle free. If you are planning to bring your child a lunch, please be aware of his/her class lunchtime and bring his/her lunch directly to the school office prior to that time.

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