WHPS Transportation Program

As of November 15, 2002, WHPS was granted a conditional use permit to increase the total daily enrollment to 312 students at the Oxnard campus. In order to satisfy the conditions of the permit, our immediate neighbors and the City of Los Angeles, the School has agreed to develop a transportation program in order to control the traffic increase accompanying this expansion. One key measurement of the compliance of the condition is the AM peak hour trip-limit of 226 car trips. This means that within any one-hour-period, from 7 AM to 9 AM, the total number of vehicles entering or exiting the School can not be more than 226. Since each vehicle that comes in and then goes out of the campus will be counted as two vehicle trips, it translates into no more than 113 cars within that one hour interval. This is a very aggressive goal for a school with student population of more than 300! To achieve this goal, we have designed a number of strategies as follows:

Free morning extended care before school

We encourage parents to take advantage of the free morning extended care which is available from 7 AM each morning. This would reduce the impact of morning rush hour.


Carpooling is the best method for actually reducing the number of cars entering or exiting the School. So we strongly recommend parents form carpools with other families. To help parents form carpools, we are providing the following assistances:

  • Transportation Coordinator
    • The office manager on campus will be the transportation coordinator, who will assist parents in person or over the phone to form carpools, keep track of existing carpools and provide other related assistance.
  • Transportation Information Center
    • A transportation information center will be posted outside the office area. It will consist of carpool information, local bus schedules, bike routes, a suggestion box, etc.
  • Annual carpool survey
    • An annual carpool survey will be sent home prior to the beginning of the fall semester. It will include a student roster organized by zip code and grade level for purposes of carpool information. Participation in this survey is extremely important to the success of the transportation program.
  • School Website & Newsletter
    • Additional carpool information is available online and in our monthly Newsletter.

Staggered school hours - Oxnard Campus Only

To reduce traffic congestion, the elementary division will start at 8:00 AM and the preschool division will start at 9:15 AM.

In addition to physically reducing the number of cars entering/exiting the School, we also need to reduce the traffic impact on Oxnard Street. Student drop-off and pick-up are to be completely on campus and not on Oxnard Street except during special events such as Back-to-School Night, June Picnic, etc. Parking during special events is to be implemented in three steps:

  • Step I: Parking on the regular parking spaces of the campus
  • Step II: Parking on the grass areas of the campus.
  • Step III: Parking on Oxnard Street east of the School.

At no time shall cars be parked on Oxnard Street west of the campus.

To further smooth out the daily traffic flow, we are implementing on-site staging areas and drop-off and pick-up areas. The preschool drop-off and pick-up area will be located at the end of the loop drive around the Oak tree near Room 8 and Room 6. The elementary drop-off and pick-up area will be located in the front parking lot near the inner gate. We also suggest that parent use Oxnard Street east of the School when traveling to and from the campus and avoid using Oxnard Street west of the School as much as possible.

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