School Purpose & Learner Outcomes


The mission of WHPS is to provide an educational environment in which students are stimulated to become thinking, caring, responsible members of society. Our goal is to present a challenging yet personalized curriculum, developing the whole child and instilling in each student a strong academic foundation, sense of self and high standards of ethics and integrity.


Our vision is to be an outstanding and unique school and a leader in the field of education.

  • Keep up with current trends and educational research and incorporate the best practices to create a uniquely WHPS program. We can keep up with this ever-changing world by exploring ideas, being open-minded, thinking outside of the box, and not being afraid to try new things.
  • Have the passion and drive to be the best.
  • Continue to grow with a commitment to excellence.

WHPS Philosophy

WHPS is a school where ALL children succeed. We provide an individualized approach to learning by relating to each child on his or her own level. We foster independence, self-reliance, mutual respect, creativity,  critical thinking and analytical skills, all of which enable students to succeed throughout their school careers. We believe students will need to be able to apply what they are learning today to the ever-changing world they will encounter throughout life.

WHPS Goals

  1. Provide the best education and a nurturing community for children to bring out their full potential.
  2. Parents place their trust in us and feel that sending their children to our school is one of the best investments they have made for their children.
  3. Teachers take great pride in their work and feel rewarded with the outcomes. Teachers consider WHPS a desirable place to work, grow and learn.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes: Be a Woodland Hills Private School BEAR!

Build a strong foundation for learning

  1. Be fluent with an appreciation of the written word 
  2. Research and utilize information sources 
  3. Understand the application of mathematical and scientific concepts 
  4. Be technologically knowledgeable 
  5. Be aware and appreciate the visual and performing arts 
  6. Make wise choices for your health and well being 

Everyone is part of a community of thinkers and learners

  1. Practice critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving skills
  2. Apply cooperative learning techniques and strategies to real world situations

Appreciate yourself and the world around you

  1. Engage in community activism 
  2. Understand and appreciate our diverse world 
  3. Acquire respect for nature and the environment 

Responsible and independent citizens

  1. Demonstrate positive behavior and values 
  2. Work to achieve respect for yourself and others
  3. Understand the qualities and responsibilities of sound leadership 
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