Promotions & Culmination

Oxnard Campus

Monday, June 3
Pre-K Promotion - Room 10 @ 10am
Tuesday, June 4
Pre-K Promotion - Room 8 @ 10am
5th Grade Culmination @ 6pm
Wednesday, June 5
Pre-K Promotion - Room 9 @ 10am

Collins Campus
Wednesday, June 5
Pre-K Promotions - Room 7, 9 & 10 @ 10am
Your donations are appreciated. Thank you for thinking of WHPS and helping to make a difference!
Technology & Printer
Lewis Family (Jayden & Ali)

Çetin Family (Devran)
Emm Family (Zachary)

Open House
Oxnard Campus

Come join us for a special evening that includes:

  • 2019-2020 School Year Preview: Curious what your child can expect for fall 2019 and beyond? Come see what the older classrooms have been up to this year!
  • Classroom Displays
  • Book Fair
  • Art Fair
  • K-5th Grade Science Fair
Please note that school closes at 5:00 PM to prepare for the event. Gates will reopen at 6:30 PM.

PAG Gala: May 4, 2019

A limited number of tickets still available.
See you there!


Special Edition | Seth Pozzi -  Head of School

WASC Self-Study Survey Open NOW
Keeping it Related image

You chose to make an investment in WHPS. Help us continue to strengthen our program as we head into the future. 

Image result for start surveyDon’t miss this opportunity to contribute to Self-Study.
Takes 5 minutes
Goal 100% participation

Last month, we shared some information about the upcoming renewal of our school’s accreditation. As part of that process, we are now launching our End-of-Year Parent Survey. This survey is part of our WASC Self-Study, and it’s one of the best ways for parents to contribute to the future direction of our school.

The survey looks at:

  • Community demographics
  • Opportunities for parent involvement
  • Why families choose WHPS
  • What you see as our greatest strengths
  • Where there are opportunities for further improvement

One of the best ways you can help us in this process is by sharing your opinions, perceptions and suggestions. The information from every survey will be reviewed by WASC and included in our next six-year action plan. In addition, our leadership team reads every single survey, taking note of ratings, comments and suggestions.

Just a few of the improvements that have stemmed, in part, from parent feedback in our Self-Study include:

  • Unique Program & Curriculum Updates (Emergent Learning, Balanced Literacy, Singapore Math, Project-Based Learning, VEX IQ Robotics, coding curriculum, team sports, new extra-curricular classes)
  • Campus Improvements (leveled library, new doors/windows/flooring, upgraded outdoor canopies, new Reptile Room, and countless ongoing improvements)
  • Expanded Parent Education (parent speakers, coffee & conversations, grade-level orientations)
  • Enhanced Educational Technology (1:1 devices in 4th/5th grade, VEX IQ Robotics, 3D printing, interactive projectors, upgraded infrastructure)
  • New Student Leadership Opportunities (intake conferences, SLCs, leadership notebooks, student MCs at school events)
Your opinions, perceptions and suggestions matter always. But, they are particularly important at this time while we are establishing our school's goals and direction for the next six years and beyond. I really do implore every parent to take a few moments to share your feedback. 

Thank you for helping to sustain our truly unique and special program!
Seth Pozzi
Head of School
Preschool News
Collins Campus
Robin & Ms. Ailin
Oxnard Campus
Dr. Tracy & Ms. Christine

Building Independence in Preschoolers
An Investment in Their Future Success

I can do it myself! For young children, learning to do things on their own can provide a sense of accomplishment and pride. Unfortunately, in today’s hurried lifestyle it can be hard to allow children the time they need to complete tasks independently. In fact, many parents and teachers find it much easier to do things for children rather than wait for them to try on their own. We may also underestimate just how much children are capable of.

Preschool is a really critical time to set your child up for success and independence. First, be sure you know what your child is (or should be) capable of doing independently by reviewing Developmental Milestones for your child's age. Second, give clear, yet simple instructions. Last, give lots of praise and encouragement, even when they don’t get it entirely right (celebrate approximations toward independence).

A great place to start is by helping your child master their self-care routines. This includes getting dressed and undressed (taking off/putting on clothes, zippers, buttons; putting on shoes even if they can’t yet tie them), washing hands, and brushing their teeth and hair.

As the summer approaches, now is a great time to slow down and give your child the opportunity to show you just how much he is capable of.

By preschool age, here are some things your child should be doing for him/herself every day!

  • Carry lunch box and/or backpack into and out of school
  • Put on and take off socks and shoes
  • Feed him/herself
  • Fill own water bottle, pour juice, cereal, etc.
  • Put away toys
  • Put dirty clothes in hamper  
Elementary News | Jacey Dexter - Elementary Principal

Graduate Preparedness
What it means at WHPS

As the school year winds down, graduate preparedness tends to be at the forefront of parents’ minds. What does the next year hold for your child (or your family)? How do you know that your student is prepared for what comes next? At WHPS, there are a wide variety of ways we evaluate graduate preparedness. Our unique program harnesses the balance between both traditional graduate preparedness as well as our own philosophical approach.

One more unique way we measure graduate preparedness actually links to our WASC accreditation. As part of our accreditation, our school has established ESLRS (Expected Schoolwide Learning Results), a set of learning expectations that undergird the curriculum at every grade and age level. By the time children graduate from WHPS, these ESLRs are very much instilled in them. In fact, many of students actually reference one or more of the ESLRs in their graduation speech (join us June 4 for Culmination-and bring some extra Kleenex).

ESLRs correspond to WHPS Bear Mascot

Our program instills these tenets with our students so that when they [unfortunately] have to leave us, they are truly prepared for not only middle school, but also have a set of foundational skills to grow into well-rounded good human beings. Graduate preparedness is not a once-and-done or one-size-fits-all process. We carefully scaffold children's journeys in our program to further enhance each child’s strengths and build-up areas that are trickier.

Some examples of this intentional process:

  • TK & Kindergarten - Students are learning independence (no more parents doing anything the child can do for him/herself), academic SMART goal setting, and leading SLCs.
  • 1st grade - Students are learning perspective-taking, disagreeing respectfully, problem-solving, and effective communication through STEM & Engineering Challenges.
  • 2nd grade - Students transition to Upper Elementary, taking on more independence through a Project-Based Learning approach. 
  • 3rd grade - Students refine their independent skills, taking on more academic rigor, participating in technology bootcamp, and taking ERBs for the first time.
  • 4th grade - Students exercise their independent skills, participating in their first overnight trip (Astrocamp or Catalina Island), and also their critical thinking and problem solving skills as they begin Robotics.
  • 5th grade - All our students' hard work comes together, as they become the leaders of the WHPS student community. Students learn to manage complex projects/deadlines, take on unique leadership opportunities, and run and host our special events.

We are excited to see our graduates move on to some of the top schools in LA, but for us it's bittersweet. We are proud to share that one of our 5th graders has been recognized with a coveted award and scholarship for academic excellence. Mira Sume received Chaminade’s Eagle Excellence Award, which is given to a very small percentage of applicants. We could not be more proud of ALL our BEARS. We wish these bright, resilient leaders and problem-solvers a lifetime of success...and the grit and perseverance to overcome life's inevitable hurdles.

"Our Barnyard" News | WHPS Science & Nature Center

Hi Barnyard Friends!

It’s been an exciting month here at our Our Barnyard. Some of you may have noticed our Reptile Room looks different. That’s because we built a new insulated building with all that we need to keep all the reptiles happy during the upcoming hot summer. The new Reptile Room is also bigger and brighter on the inside, which students can enjoy during their unique lessons inside the room. Come by and check it out!

Our Preschool classes have had a little extra fun this month hanging out with the kittens. A couple weeks ago, our friends from Room 10 found a big surprise outside their classroom. A stray cat had made a “nest” in one one of their flower beds and gave birth to five little kittens. Ms. Cindy found them and quickly went to get Mr. Matthew for help. Mr. Matthew has been taking the kittens home to bottle raise them. The preschool children were especially intrigued about why the kittens still had their eyes closed. We learned that puppies and kittens are born with their eyes shut and ear canals closed off because they need extra time after birth for these senses to fully develop.  

The kittens are getting big enough to adopt out, and they will make amazing pets very soon. There’s Dutchess, a gray and white female, who is super sweet and was the first to cuddle and purr. Next we have Rumor, an all gray male, who is feisty and full of energy. Figaro, the black and white kitten, loves to do everything first, like the first to drink from the bottle and the first to open her eyes. Last, we have the twin black kittens Binx, a boy, and Lucy, a girl. They love to hang out together and roughhouse. So far, three of our kittens already have homes. If you're interested in adopting one or just helping out, please talk to Mr. Matthew (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Elementary classes are culminating with some end of year projects. Evolution classes will be doing a “day in the life of my creature.” This includes writing a short story outlining a typical day in their creature’s life. In Ecology, we have been working in small groups studying different biomes. Each group will be presenting what they have learned about their biome. Finally, in Animal Husbandry, we have been working in small groups researching the needs of various animals. The children will present to the class how they would properly care for that animal in captivity.

-Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Tanja.

We're on Instagram @whpschool!

May & June Events - 2019
Check out our Google Calendar for all upcoming events!
May Collins Oxnard
2   School Closes @ 5 PM
Open House 6:30-8pm
3 PAG: Ballet Folklorico Event @ 10am 5th Grade Culmination Parent Meeting 2-2:45pm
4 PAG: Gala @ Braemar Country Club 6-10pm  
Teacher Appreciation Week
8   PAWS: Meeting & Elections 6:30-7:30pm
Restaurant Night @ The Stand (sponsored by PAG) 
15 Farmer's Market - Hosted by Rm. 5  
17   PAWS: Kids Night Out 6-10pm
18 PAG: Kids Night Out 5-9pm  
20-24   3rd-5th Grade ERB Testing
21 PAG: End of Year Meeting @6pm  
27 Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL
28-31 Preschool Progress Reports Sent Home
31 Last day of Spring Extra-Curriculars
31 Dance Time w/Ms. Stephanie Performance Elementary Awards Assembly & Parent Appreciation Breakfast 8-9am
2 PAG: End of Year Picnic @ Oxnard Campus 10am-1pm  
3   Room 10 - PreK Promotion @ 10am
4   Room 8 - PreK Promotion @10am
5th Grade Culmination @6pm
5 PreK Promotion Ceremony @ 10am NO ELEMENTARY CLASSES Elementary Zuma Beach Trip (Extended Care Available 3-6pm)
Room 9 - PreK Promotion @10am
6 Last Day of School 2018-2019 School Year
7 Teacher Preparation Day - WHPS CLOSED
10 Summer Program Begins
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