What the Heck is NGSS?

Written by Seth Pozzi, Assistant Head of School on .

Want to learn a bit more about where we are going with science education? This (approx. 7 minute) video gives a great basic overview of the Next Generation Science Standards.

A note that it’s not a brand new video, and the standards are now widely available. But it is still a good overview.  


Armed with the most up-to-date research about science education, we are retooling our curriculum to emphasize the:

  • 8 Science & Engineering Practices
  • 7 Cross-Cutting Concepts (that bridge almost all scientific ideas) 
  • Scientific Disciplinary Core Ideas

 WHPS teachers - very excited to unpack the new NGSS - FOSS kits!

Today, we excitedly unpacked the brand-new, hot off the presses NGSS-aligned FOSS science program. The program was designed at The University of California Berkley, and it has been widely used for years. WHPS purchased the new NGSS program, which places greater emphasis on Engineering, Scientific Argumentation and the Cross-Cutting Principles.

You can read more about Cross-Cutting Concepts directly from the NGSS.

 We will be sharing more information about our school's journey into the NGSS. This includes the work we are doing in the WHPS Science & Nature Center and the roll-out of our 3D Printing & Engineering curriculum. 

We hope you will join us on this exciting journey!
Seth Pozzi
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