Top Ten Tips for Supporting Your Child

Written by Jacey Dexter on .

Welcome back to school! Here at Woodland Hills Private School, we strive to provide your child with the best education. Our staff is passionate and knowledgeable, plus our educational curriculum reflects current, research-based trends. However, these two critical pieces are not the only pieces in the education puzzle. There are countless other pieces that are necessary to complete a child’s education. One of the biggest pieces is the school-home connection. Now that we have all had a chance to settle in to our first week of school, I’d like to touch on a few things that will really help strengthen that school-home connection and help your child build a strong foundation for learning.

10. Talk to your child. Be present in the moment when they come home from school. Ask specific questions about how their day was. Some good questions from this week would be: How did you greet your friends in your morning meeting? What kind of brain breaks/energizers did you do in class? Did you read to your teachers this week? What classroom rules/agreements did you discuss with your teachers?

9. Encourage your child to embrace challenges and not be discouraged by mistakes and missteps. We want our students to have a Growth Mindset not a Fixed Mindset. For more information, please visit http://www.mindsetonline.com/.

8. Try not to solve your child's problems for them.  Rather, role play with them about how they will solve the problem on their own.

7. Check your child’s homework, but don’t do it for them!  Let them learn that responsibility. Please don’t turn your child’s homework in for them. If we want our children to be empowered, then we need to provide them opportunities to become empowered.

6. Check your child’s backpack for any flyers or notices that may have gone home. This is also a great way to see what they’ve been up to in class. Validating their hard work in the classroom by reviewing what they take home will go a long way.

5. Read your Weekly Newsletters from teachers. These are a great guide to asking your child questions and engaging them in conversations about their week.

4. Come to the PAWS meeting on Wednesday, August 26th. PAWS is our school parent association and is a great way to stay connected with the classrooms.

3. If you have a question or concern, ASK. Our doors are always open.

2. Please follow our Woodland Hills Private School Facebook page. We will be posting regularly.

1. COME TO BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT- Tuesday, September 1st 

This year is off to a fantastic start! The classrooms are buzzing and there are smiles all around. We would love to keep this momentum going as the year progresses. If we all work together to support our children, their successes will become unstoppable.

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