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Parents' Associations

The Parents’ Associations is a non-profit, self-directed group of concerned and caring parents. It’s anyone whose child or children attend Woodland Hills Private School. The group was established as a means to focus the energies of our parents into a cohesive body that can work together to provide supplemental educational materials and services for our school. We accomplish this through fundraisers and special activities. What a perfect way to send your child the message that he/she matters and so does school!

To learn more, please visit our Parent Associations page.

Parent Participation

Parents, grandparents, and friends are an integral part of the WHPS community. We encourage our WHPS community to be active participants in all classroom and special events. Participation opportunities include volunteering time in the classrooms, chaperoning field trips, and helping with parties and celebrations, bringing an added dimension to the children's education. The WHPS community helps coordinate theme-related events, speaker nights, the annual picnic and festival, fund raisers and community service activities. The Parent Association is instrumental in bringing in enrichment programs to the school for the children throughout the school year.

Special Events

  • Back to School Night
  • Halloween Costume Parade
  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Winter Show
  • Winter holidays celebrations
  • Spring holidays celebrations
  • Kindergarten and Elementary Spring Performing Arts Program
  • Open House
  • Parent Appreciation parties
  • Kindergarten and 5th grade graduations
  • Pre-Kindergarten promotion celebrations

Home/School Communication

Maintaining a strong, two-way communication system is very important to everyone at Woodland Hills Private School. In addition to regular progress reports, the staff maintains open lines of communication between the school and home through various methods, including conversations during drop-off and pick-up, emails, telephone conversations, conferences, classroom weekly newsletters, classroom Shutterfly accounts, Facebook, our website, our school bulletin boards, and so forth. A monthly school newsletter with a calendar is emailed out to parents and posted at the beginning of each month on the school website.

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